Symbolic Leadership Seminar highlights the Influence of Symbolism in Modern Leadership Strategies

New Delhi (India), January 16: This December 22, 2023, the atmosphere at the Ibis Hotel in New Delhi was brimming with a vibrant discourse of leadership seminar titled as “Symbolic Leadership,” showcasing the effectiveness of leading without force but with power. The event was led by Mr. Suresh Mohan Semwal, co-founder of POSSIBLERS, a highly experienced corporate trainer, leadership coach and motivational speaker.

The seminar’s motto, “Discover & Design Your Leadership Aura,” captured the essence of this event designed to reveal the power of symbols, metaphors and consistent practices in fostering strong leadership abilities. The whole sessions involved thought provoking questions, case studies and charismatic delivery of Semwal. Which helped everyone to discover their own style of leadership and scope of improvement where required. 

Drawing in top executives from various industries nationwide, the “Symbolic Leadership” conference offered a unique opportunity for individuals to explore the paradoxical realm of leadership. Mr. Suresh Mohan Semwal at the helm, participants were taken on a transformative journey, gaining valuable knowledge and useful techniques for incorporating various tools and techniques to enhance their leadership abilities. 

“Each leader, through their distinctive style of leadership, shapes a culture that establishes the standards for individuals, processes, products, and practices including permissions and injunctions. Leadership can be succinctly or can be encapsulated in a single word – ‘Influence’. As such, leadership represents a profound responsibility to exert a positive influence on both individuals and outcomes,” said Mr. Suresh Mohan Semwal during the seminar.

BMW that drives you! This fascinating concept helped delegates to dive deeper into their Belief Sytems, Preferred Modalities and Work Style. The seminar took a novel approach by blending reflective questions, dynamic group discussions, and immersive case studies providing a dynamic and engrossing learning atmosphere.

One particular highlight of the seminar was its unique approach to hands-on learning – each session featured live simulations where attendees could actively engage and hone their leadership abilities. These immersive experiences not only allowed participants to gain a better grasp of the techniques, but also to feel more comfortable and self-assured in utilizing them in various contexts, whether it be in their work or personal lives.

As the day came to a close, all participants were presented with certificate of participation for their dedication to the “Symbolic Leadership” seminar and their leadership journey.

Mr. Suresh Mohan Semwal, upon reflecting on the event’s success, shared his thoughts, “It has been truly gratifying to see leaders from various industries keen to embrace symbolic leadership. The passion and commitment displayed by the participants clearly demonstrate the strong desire for effective leadership in today’s ever-changing business world.”

POSSIBLERS’ “Symbolic Leadership” seminar offered actionable strategies and practical insights. And the next iteration of this program is going to happen on February 9, 2024, in hybrid format, meaning the participant will be able to participate in it in offline as well as in online mode. 

Suresh Mohan Semwal has been helping leaders for the last two decades in helping them to discover & design their leadership aura through seminars, NLP, Transactional Analysis and individual Coaching Sessions. He lives in Delhi and can be reached at or visit 

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