Christopher Stephen Verma: Creating Your ultimate bliss

New Delhi, December 16: Christopher Stephen Verma was a Marine Captain who spent years of his life sailing through the rough and smooth seas; often romanticizing the stars, birds, sea creatures, and life beyond the visible eye, penning those emotions and experiences in the form of poetry. He never expected to embark on a journey of writing books. Christopher spent years of his life as a behavioral consultant, life and leadership coach, and motivational speaker and learned various aspects of the occult science (Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Reiki, and energy healing), which lead him to believe that there is much more meaning and relevance to LIFE than just the material world which we involve ourselves with. “CHOICES THAT PLAYED ME”. His autobiography was his first step in sharing his over four decades of life experiences, which finally lead him to the spiritual process of transformation.

The encouragement and positive responses he got from his first author book motivated him to write the next stage of his life, through his book “CREATING YOUR ULTIMATE BLISS”. The book offers its readers a step-by-step “ready reckoner” on the Spiritual Awakening.  As Christopher explains, “I have, from a young age, always written poetry, short stories but never published them. After I embarked on a spiritual transformation 15 years ago, I decided to write and publish books; as this was my way of sharing knowledge, and experiences and giving back to humanity. Seeing so many people across the globe “suffering in life” or rather just “existing” from day to day, chasing a desire or dream, which is like a shadow never to be caught or had. Thus, I felt the need to share what LIFE means and entails, using my own experiences and transformation to bring home the true essence of living life.” 

‘Creating your ultimate bliss’ is a book based on the author’s true life experiences. Spiritual awakening is a process that we all experience at some stage in our human life, some could experience it at an early age, whereas some when much older yet experience it will.

Most, if not all of us, struggle through life with various forms of stress- at work, at home, in relationships, financially, mentally, health-wise, or even spiritually. ‘Creating your ultimate bliss’ brings to its readers a much deeper, meaningful, and structured understanding of what this human life or often referred to as the human journey is all about. It intends to provide a step-by-step, easy-to-understand, and related-to source for all who are spiritually awakening. It’s a learning, creation of thought beyond the realms of this material world; the ability to see all life as equals, the dependent living beings, humans, animals, birds, plants, or just the smallest of organisms. 

It’s a book that throws light on one’s mind and emotion, wherein we learn how the most minuscule of our actions (Kriya) can have a tremendous impact on our lives and others’ lives too. We are in the process of learning and understanding the spiritual awakening, to empower ourselves with the ability to set aside all the past garbage, blocks, and emotional resistance and engulf ourselves with the knowing and understanding, that all creation is within ourselves thus working on our inner child and the limitless power that rests within us, only awaiting to be understood and awakened.

A book that can be proudly kept on any bookshelf, can be read, understood, and have a life-changing experience for all ages.

Christopher further explains, “It is a step-by-step “ready reckoner “for people who are just understanding the concept of Spirituality, or already started yet confused; to bring to mind what each one can expect to experience, at what stage, timelines, and pointers on the spiritual transformation process. To know and understand that material life is superficial and directionless with no end to desire; whereas Spirituality takes you to a place of complete contentment in oneness often referred to as Heaven”

Christopher believes he has a voracious appetite to learn; to understand the true essence of life; to appreciate each living creature as “it is”, and thus helps him understand his inner self; the core of life. He is in the process of writing two more nonfiction books on the lines of manifestation and living a life of fullness.

If you are in a spiritual transformation process or know of others contemplating such a blissful change, “Creating Your Ultimate Bliss” is your go-to book. You will love it and treasure the experience.

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