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The Quests of William Wood, A Spellbinding Fiction You will Surely Fall In Love With

August 26: A newly launched adventure fiction is all over the news. Fictions that tend to fascinate the mind of the readers have taken a new stand with Viral Roger's creation 'The Quests of William Wood'. The invigorating tale spreading magic, adventure and friendship revives your usual likings of fantasies.William Wood's journey to the unknown land of mystery and magic takes the reader to a staggering staggering and thrilling adventure. Wood's accidental arrival to the tiny village of Glennins hints to the element of mystification. The people he meets named Ivy and Leon become his good friends. Though he was in grief after his mother's death, he cherished the companionship of Ivy, Leon and the girl next door. Their wanting of escaping such a strange world expresses their fear of the upc...

A Chartbuster Fiction is Making its Way to Top The List – ‘The Quests of William Wood’

New Delhi (India), August 4: A book with a mystic twist is in the news. A debut novel has been launched with a whirlwind of adventure, mystery, and unexplored journey, and it's none other than author Viral Roger's 'The Quests of William Wood'. This mystifying masterpiece has come into the limelight and amazed all gaze.Fictions that play with creativity and imagination have brought yet another delight to readers. Full of surprising elements, the edition is already making buzz among readers.Already in vogue @ StoryMirror platform, the awe-inspiring adventure is catching the gaze of all booklovers.A magical dose is added by the debutant book writer in her remarkable fictional work. She has introduced the eponymous hero William Wood well in the edition. It's intriguing how he has embarke...