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Inflector India launches Solar Shades and heat barrier blinds to reflect Solar heat and save energy, opens bookings

August 9: Inflector India Private Limited is a promoter of Radiant heat barrier technology in India. Inflector India has launched solar shades and heat barrier blinds for the windows product line, a unique, energy-saving product that acts as a solar filtering, reflective thermal shade. It stabilizes the indoor temperature by reflecting or absorbing solar heat and blocking up to 92% UV while allowing natural light and providing a safer, more comfortable environment. The comfortable room temperature requires less air conditioning, significantly reducing energy bills.The Inflector is a solar heat barrier designed by NASA, which was first used in 1960 in astronauts' spacesuits during the Apollo missing. The Inflector's use started in the 1990s. Inflectors are in use in more than 60 countries...